My Holiday to Kent

By Dan Bee

Back Home

Hey, welcome back to my blog, in this blog, I'll be talking about my holiday to Kent I recently had.
If you're wondering what area of Kent I went to, I went to Whitsable.

The Area

Overall, the area of Whitsable is rather dull to be honest. In addition to this, there's not a huge amount of to do there, apart from maybe have a trip onto the Whitsable Beach.
However, there were a great array of restraurants and other places to eat throughout the high streets that I saw while I was there.

Where I stayed

I stayed in a, in short, really big house. It had 2 floors and 4 bedrooms, just keep in mind I was staying here with 3 other people, so the we got a room each, which is always nice.
Moreover, it also had a massive TV, along a immense kitchen with a huge array of utilities stored in that kitchen, all at our disposal.

It wouldn't be a blog about Kent without talking about the, questionable to say the least, internet connection.
If you want a rough idea of what speeds I got, feel free to check here.
Compared to my last experience with internet in Kent a couple of months ago (I had to suffer dial-up for about 5 days), this is a lot better.

In conclusion, I think Kent is a nice place, but it just needs more to do. and needs better internet speeds
However, the houses and the people seem nice, and there's a good variety of restraurants and shops.

Apart from that, thanks for reading!

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