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By Dan Bee

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Hey everyone, and welcome back to my blog. In this post, I'm going to reviewing my trial of using the browser Brave. In short, for the last few days, I've been using the browser Brave as an alternative to Mozilla Firefox.

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For me, the speed of Brave is mostly quicker than Firefox, which is one of it's main selling points. Also, it automatically comes pre-built with HTTPS Everywhere, a cool addon meaning that any site you go to, if it has the option, will load with https://. This addition helped massively in making sites load faster than Firefox. It also came with an ad-blocker and tracker blocking. But, the ad-block still left space where the ad may have been, which doesn't happen in popular ad-blocker extensions like uBlock Origin.


However, the functionality of Brave is something very different. One problem I encountered was with pinned tabs. As a person who browses a lot, I like to pin a lot of tabs, luckily there was that capability in Brave. However, there were some bugs. One of them was when trying to close one pinned tab, it closed the entire browser. Moreover, trying to move pinned tabs was a struggle, causing me to unpin all my tabs and repin them all in the right order. Furthermore, when starting up Brave, sometimes I encountered the problem of the Password Manager showing up details from other websites open in other tabs, which can be a distraction when trying to read Twitter or e-mails.

RAM Usage

One major problem I had with Brave was it's RAM usage. In fact, one of the main reasons why I moved to Brave from Firefox was due to the absurd amount of RAM that Firefox always used up. At times, Brave could use up to 2GB out of my only 8GB of RAM. This high RAM usage seemed to be because of the fact that each tab had 2 processes running each, I worked this out by noticing that the amount of processes showing in Task Manager were double the amount of tabs I actually had open.


Addons were a bit of a problem, you couldn't get them. But, Brave comes with an array of pre-installed extensions like LastPass and HTTPS Everywhere, but giving you no option to install anymore. Even though the main extensions I have are ad-blockers and maybe a theme changer, it doesn't effect me very much, but I feel as if this would effect a user's enjoyment of using Brave as they can't get the addons that might make their lives a lot easier. However, the good thing about this is you can choose what extensions to enable and disable, so if you didn't want to use LastPass, you can always disable it.

Brave Payments

If you're not sure what this is, this was a concept where you could donate to websites you visit, therefore funding hosting and better production from them. One key example of this being useful could be on YouTube, as people can make money at a better pace, even if YouTube throws the yellow demonetization symbol at them. Moreover, you could pick and choose which websites got a more or a less high percentage of your money. In additon to this, the more time you spend on a website, the more money there is donated to that website, making it so if you go on a website a lot for an extended period of time, the creators/developers can make a good sum of money from your extended viewing. Of course, this whole system is optional and is disabled by default.

What I'd love to see in Brave

To finish off this blog post, I'd thought I'd say a few key things which I'd love to see in Brave in the future.

If you want to suggest anything else, you can do here.


In conclusion, I think Brave has it's positive points, however the high RAM usage and bugs with pinned tabs closing down the entire browser have really pushed be away from using it as my default browser. However, the bugs may of just been my PC playing up, so I encourage you to try it out and maybe drop me a DM on Discord (Dan#7528) or email me (danielbee912 / at / gmail / dot / com) with your results. Apart from that, I hope you enjoyed this rather long blog post, if you have any other questions about my trial of Brave, do be sure to email me (shown above), and apart from that, thanks for reading.

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